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Challenging the Ordinary – Bitcoin Payment Option Poll

At Primal Crafts we strive to be at the forefront with both alternative fashion as well as the experience that we provide. As part of the latter we are exploring the possibilities of introducing Bitcoin as a payment option in our store. We would like your opinion on what you think about Bitcoin. Please feel free to throw your vote below.

How would you feel about Primal Crafts adding Bitcoin as a payment option?

  • I don't trust Bitcoin and having it as a payment option would make me less likely to use the site. (45%, 5 Votes)
  • I don't use Bitcoin, but I would like to have the option available. (27%, 3 Votes)
  • I really don't care. (27%, 3 Votes)
  • I would prefer to pay with Bitcoin instead of Credit card or Paypal. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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We really appreciate your input and look forward to challenge the ordinary together.

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New Custom Material – Titanium

At Primal Crafts we like to experiment. One of our recent endeavors have been into the world of titanium. Titanium is a material mostly associated with spacecraft engineering, because of it’s high durability and light weight. In addition to it’s high strength the semi-matte satin-like surface is also quite unique among metals. Because the material is so strong it also allows for very thin geometries. We have only just begun to explore how the advantages of this material can be applied in the world of jewelry, but we are already now certain that we will be able to conjure something very new and interesting.


Brimir is now available in this new material. Titanium have also been added to the range of materials available on our material page. 

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Sneak peek

At Primal Crafts we celebrate sub-cultures and alternative personal expression. With our viking inspired “Asgaard” collection and the darker “Curse of the Moon” collection we have managed to make a dent in the otherwise monotone jewelry market. We are now venturing even further into unexplored territories and in the coming months we will lift the veil for some truly alternative jewelry. This week we will show you a bit of our upcoming “blackwork” collection.


We have long been fascinated by how masters of blackwork tattoos combine geometric patterns with animal skulls. We are working on translating the blackwork tattoo universe and style into our own DNA to create blackwork styled jewelry. Below is a picture of an early skull prototype with a mean spiky Mohawk.


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Collaboration with EVRA

We are now lifting the veil for our collaboration with EVRA. The EVRA guys use a lot of symbolism and metaphors in their music and visual style. Because of this it has been really great working with them as this has inspired a lot of creative ideas that has created foundation for the collaboration “Curse of the Moon” now available in the store. The band just released a 360 video of their song “Curse of the Moon”. Check it out below – And remember to turn up the quality to get the best experience!

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Turning music into jewelry – Part 1

At Primal Crafts we love to explore new territories and find inspiration in other creative fields. We have recently set out on a new quest: We want to convert the expressions of other artists into a unique series of jewelry. In a sense the artists we work with will become our muses and partners. The final outcome of this new quest is yet to be unveiled, but we can ensure you that the creative juices are flowing. We are working on several approaches for turning their music into jewelry, some more abstract than others.

Below is an example of a piece of jewelry directly derived from the beats of music. This is still just a concept, but we are working fiercely to turn it into reality. Imagine taking your favorite piece of music and turn it into an actual physical object.