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New Custom Material – Titanium

At Primal Crafts we like to experiment. One of our recent endeavors have been into the world of titanium. Titanium is a material mostly associated with spacecraft engineering, because of it’s high durability and light weight. In addition to it’s high strength the semi-matte satin-like surface is also quite unique among metals. Because the material is so strong it also allows for very thin geometries. We have only just begun to explore how the advantages of this material can be applied in the world of jewelry, but we are already now certain that we will be able to conjure something very new and interesting.


Brimir is now available in this new material. Titanium have also been added to the range of materials available on our material page. 

4 thoughts on “New Custom Material – Titanium

  1. Will Valhalla come in titanium at some point?

    1. Hi Logan. If you are interested in the valhalla in titanium, we can create a custom version. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to make a request on our customization form here:

  2. i see you have norse inspired pieces. is there a wolf’s cross in the works?

    1. Hi Bart. We are not working on a wolfs cross atm. We thank you for your input and we will consider it for future pieces.

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