Artefacts of edge and roughness

We don’t like things to be too polished, as we believe this takes away the edge and the true personality of things. We like to keep things real and we strive to present things with the flaws and the scars that they have, as we believe this gives a purer expression.

Embracing the odd and the different

At Primal Crafts we embrace alternative styles and expressions. We believe that people should be free to express themselves the way they feel and our ambition is to help people achieve this. Our continued collaboration with Primal Minds is also a testimony to our ambition and ability to embrace the odd and the different.

Unexplored territories of personal expression

In extension of our embrace of the odd and the different, we also seek to transcend into unexplored territories of personal expression. This is evident by our ranges of experimental jewellery, that aims to give people the possibility to further express themselves and release their true self.